Here at Rural Progress, we are working to revitalize and reconnect rural communities with the progressive values that serve them well. We are fighting to reclaim small-town America from the grip of far-right conservatism that has claimed a political monopoly on them since the era of Reagan. Together, we will move America forward and bring positive progressive change to our country.

The Seeds of Progressive Change:

  1. Unfortunately, it is the case that rural candidates are often left out of the DNC and DCCC’s vision when it comes to investing time and money. However, Rural Progress believes these communities are vital in pursuing the progressive change we desperately need. Rural Progress will raise money for progressive candidates in rural communities across the nation to help get their campaigns off the ground and give them a true fighting chance to be a progressive leader for their communities.
  2. New candidates and activists alike have it hard getting the ball rolling when jumping into a campaign for the very first time, and getting help can be difficult when nobody knows your name yet. Rural Progress believes lack of information should not be a barrier when it comes to winning elections. Rural Progress will train activists in rural areas to become self-reliant progressive super volunteers that can help progressive candidates and become progressive leaders in their communities.
  3. Rural conservative areas across the nation are simply ignored by the DNC and the DCCC because they don’t have the best shot at winning… YET. Rural Progress believes that you must invest time into these communities, building trust and spreading progressive values. Rural Progress will promote the progressive values that we all share and help give Rural America a voice to fight for change.

We believe that we need to fight in every town, district, and state to take back America from the stranglehold of far-right conservatism. Until we fight this battle on all fronts we will always be forced to settle for less than we deserve. Personally, we are tired of compromising.

Join us as we fight back in small-town America and pursue the progressive change our country needs and our communities deserve.


Welcome to the movement,

The Rural Progress Team